Ricky Bobby - Buddha Boyz

Indica. A fast, hard, and heavy-hitting shatter with deep flavor to match- Ricky Bobby won't be beat

Blueberry - Chef Slabalicious

Indica. Just like fresh-picked blueberries, this wax has a juicy flavor and heavy punch that will leave your mouth watering for more

Larry OG - Pissing Excellence Extracts

Indica. As heavy as it is clear, this wax has a pure, clean taste creating an optimal smoking experience

CBD Gritz - Buddha Boyz

99.9% CBD isolate mixed with all natural fruit derived terpenes. Amplifies your smoking experience to include pain relief for minor aches and pains.

Sour Tangie Nug Run Budder - Chill Extractions

This Sour Tangie budder packs a citrus scent you can practically taste as soon as you open it. This creamy budder comes from flower by expert growers at Knockout Farms.

Tangie x Unmodified OG Nug Run Budder - Chill Extractions

This perfect combination of Knockout Farms' Sour Tangie and Unmodified Farms' Unmodified OG blended into a fragrant, sticky soft budder sure to leave your taste buds wanting more

Unmodified OG Budder Chips - Chill Extractions

Once you pop the fun won't stop with these budder chips! Soft and tasty, this budder brings out the best from Unmodified Farms' namesake Unmodified OG

Extreme Cream - Dabsolute

This heavy-hitter is sure to leave you couch-ridden with it's strong body effects and smooth flavor from Dabsolute