Cartridge - Pissing Excellence Extracts

Solvent-free, distillate .7ml cartridges available in a variety of strains. Flavors Available: Gelato (hybrid), Mochi (hybrid), Sunset Sherbert (indica), Pineapple OG (sativa)

Cartridge - L's

Smooth and satisfying hit straight from L's. Flavors Available: Grape Ape, Strawberry Banana, Kosher, Strawberry Grape

Cartridge - Buddha Boyz

Solventless, VG/PG-free distillate mixed with all-natural terpenes for a variety of uniquely flavored options. Currently available: Strawberry Zinger

Pen Charging Kit

Compatible with most cartridges, this charging kit comes with a pen-bodied battery and USB plug for widely available port access